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Fulfil Your Career Aspirations Through Personalised Insights And Recommendations

Build Talent Agility & A Future Ready Workforce

In constantly evolving global markets, enterprises and business models are undergoing rapid and profound changes. enterprises of tomorrow will need more than legacy performance management systems to enhance everyday performance, improve workplace safety and build a future-ready workforce.

Are you well-equipped with relevant skills for your current role, or to go beyond what’s expected?  What about a future role you’re aspiring for. Do you have the right skills for it? Also, how do you know what steps you can take to upgrade your skills? The Career Agility Hub has all the answers!

Career Agility Hub

Features you can look forward to

Powered by augmented analytics, the Career Agility Hub app is your personal digital career coach that fits in the
palm of your hand.
Profile Builder
Skill Gap Analysis
Career path recommendations
Jobs, Gigs and More
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The Career Agility
Hub app

Jointly developed by NTUC LearningHub and TTAB, the AI-powered Career Agility Hub app is a one-stop solution for careers, training and jobs.

Created to support your deepening and widening of skills, Career Agility Hub empowers you to be a master of your own career. The app provides insights on the top skills you need to stand ready for the future, while letting you explore available training and career opportunities.

With Career Agility Hub, you can now upskill, reskill and explore various career paths through actionable recommendations as you work towards fulfilling your aspirations.

Get ready to take charge of your career with these exciting features and benefits:

Skills and competencies

  • Analyse skills gaps between your current and future role

  • View the latest skills trends and essential competencies required in future

  • Assess your technical/behavioural competencies

  • Receive personalised learning recommendations with timely nudges

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Career decisions

  • Make well-informed decisions in your career and learning

  • Get actionable recommendations on career paths

Other features and benefits

  • Customise a profile featuring your knowledge, skills, experience and interests

  • Be part of a virtual community that shares knowledge and learns together

Future-proof and take full control of your career today! Simply
download the Career Agility Hub app and create a free account.

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