What is Digital Transformation?
Digital transformation involves the process of transitioning towards a digital-centric business model that can adapt quickly and efficiently to changes. This journey enables businesses to leverage technology to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge while freeing up internal resources for more complex tasks.

The drivers of digital transformation include advancements in technology and evolving customer expectations. The result of such transformation is an enhanced customer experience, improved operational efficiency, and better decision-making capabilities.

NTUC LearningHub's Digital Transformation Report reveals the business value and challenges of digital transformation, in-demand skills, and insights from Canon Singapore and SMM.

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Click here for our latest podcast on Digital Transformation, where we dive into how NTUC LearningHub is developing customised learning solutions to meet the needs of companies as they embark on their digital transformation journey.


How do we help you?

Programme 1:

LHUB’s Flagship Digital Transformation Programme

  • Multi-year journey to transform the whole organisation


Programme 2:

Digital Transformation & Innovation Programme

  • Innovate & accelerate business model by leveraging on digital technologies


Programme 3:

LHUB’s Digitalisation Programmes

  • Implement specific improvement areas and relevant digital technologies
  • Curated learning plan that meets the unique digitalisation challenges of your organisation

Digital Customer Engagement

Improve Operational Efficiency

Data-Driven Decision Making

7 Steps to Implement Digitalisation Programme:

These 7 steps aligns the business strategy, technology tools and employee's comptency for successful digitalisation implementation in your organisation.
Step 1
  • Scope the problem statement and aligned it to the business strategy
Business Leaders

  • Align on opportunities and approach for transformation
  • Change management
Business Leaders

  • Form cross-functional team based on the selected problem statement
  • Map the current and future state process
Cross-Functional Team

  • Team will be trained in selected digital technologies to support future state process map
Functional Team

  • Deployment of the playbook of use cases + Complimentary 6 months - 1 Year of Software License
Functional Team

  • Team will be guided by subject matter experts on the digital technology’s implementation based on the selected use case
Functional Team

Step 7
Develop Workforce Capabilities
  • Prepare the future workforce with the right job and skillset for digital transformation
  • Self-directed learning
Rest of the Organisation


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