What is the Career Conversion Programme for Professional Executives?

The CCP for Professional Executives aims to support mid-career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) to transit into new job roles through structured classroom training and On-the-Job-Training (OJT) that are specific to business and industry needs. Eligible companies can receive up to 90%* salary funding support.

*Subject to WSG’s Salary Support Eligibility Criteria
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Overview of the Programme

• Place-and-Train for new hires (4 Months OJT)
• Job Redesign Reskilling for existing Professional Executives (3 Months OJT)

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Benefits of the Programme

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Salary Support

Employers to receive up to 90% salary support

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Train and Reskill

Train new hires or reskill existing employees to take on redesigned PMET job roles

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Future Ready Skill for Business Transformation

Equip employees with future-ready skills to support your business transformation

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Enhance Employer Branding

Enhance employer branding through value-added job scopes to better attract local talents

Job Functions

Job Functions / Professional Competencies

Applicable For

Administration and Operations

  • New Hires
  • Job Redesign Reskilling

Business Development

Sales and Marketing

Project Management

100% structured OJT with the incorporation of at least 1 digital skill competency.

Examples of Digital Skills:
• Data Analytics requiring the application of data in research or business
• Technology Application skills to effectively utilize new technology
• Market Research/Trend skills to make informed decisions on business
*New hires and JRR candidates will need a minimum fixed monthly salary of > $3,000 before commencement of the programme.

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Salary Support

Funding Component

Salary Support Funding

Standard Rates

up to 70% of fixed monthly salary, capped at $4,000 per month per trainee

Enhanced Rates

up to 90% of fixed monthly salary, capped at $6,000 per month per trainee*

Salary Support*
  1. Subject to WSG Salary Support Eligibility Criteria
  2. Enhanced Rate is for Singapore Citizens & PRs who are long-term unemployed (LTU) defined as being unemployed and actively seeking employment for six months or more and / or those who are 40 years old and above in the year of commencement of the CCP.
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